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Mai Dentistry & Associates | Patient Bill of Rights in Alexandria



Patient Bill of Rights
AGD Member
“The Mai Way” 
Our values are all about you! We’re continuously striving to find new ways to improve patient care. It all starts with our core beliefs.
Passion for Patients – we put our patients first in all that we do. We listen, we serve and we educate. We strive to exceed patient expectations by providing a caring and memorable customer experience.   
Care for the Community – we are responsible members of the community in which we live and work, and we actively seek out opportunities to give back through a “do good and do well” philosophy. 
Personal Empowerment - we strive to empower our people to make informed decisions and deliver expert service through training and enablement.  
Integrity - we treat our patients, partners and employees with honesty and dignity at all times.
Accountability - we do what we say and own what we do by holding our team and the company to a higher standard of excellence.
Trust, Teamwork and Respect - we work together to create a culture of inclusion built upon mutual trust at all operational levels. We hold genuine respect for our similarities and differences.

1. You have a right to be informed. Dental procedures and terminology can be complicated. Therefore, you will be presented with complete details of your condition and treatment in clear language that you can appreciate and understand.


2. You have a right to comfort. Dental care should be a pleasant, painless and positive experience. Therefore, you will enjoy a comfortable, familiar and welcoming environment that includes modern furniture, inviting colors and genuine, genial staff. 


3. You have a right to on-time care. Dental treatment should not create any delay in your daily schedule. Therefore, when you schedule an appointment and arrive on time, you can expect to be treated promptly and thoroughly during the scheduled period. 


4. You have a right to cleanliness. Impeccable hygiene is essential to providing quality dental care. Therefore, you will experience the absolute highest degree cleanliness throughout our facilities, at all times, without compromise.   


5. You have a right to privacy. Dental records contain very personal information regarding medical history and treatment plans. Therefore, we maintain the highest standards of integrity and security to ensure that your privacy is honored at all times.


6. You have a right to treatment options. Often, a condition can be treated in a variety of ways, each with its own implications. Therefore, you will be presented with information and education on all available treatment options, along with our recommendation, so that you can make an informed decision. 


7. You have a right to a second opinion. Proper dental care is an important component to overall health, but dental procedures can sometimes require significant time or financial commitment. Therefore, seeking a second opinion is always encouraged and appreciated.   


8. You have a right to fair billing. Regardless or whether you carry dental insurance or not, you should have a clear understanding of the cost of care. Therefore, you can expect complete, transparent and fair billing along with thorough updates and explanations if any developments should occur during treatment. 


9. You have a right to continuous communication. Complete dental care often requires a progression of individual procedures, and during this treatment progression, previously undetected conditions may arise. Therefore, your dentist will communicate continuously throughout the treatment process, informing you of new developments in order for you to make the most educated decisions.  


10. You have a right to share. Every dental visit is a truly personal experience. Therefore, we encourage you to share your comments with us, so that we can continue to better serve you and your family. We are honored and privileged to share our dental expertise with you, and are grateful for the feedback you provide.  

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